Just One Wheel Unicycle Training & Balance Center is a family owned & operated business.

Owners/Directors Adam & Renie Cohen enjoy creating an environment where being healthy & having fun are your ONLY options.

We offer everyone the unique opportunity to do something they never thought possible while motivating them all along the way.

Anti Bully Assembly Specialists

Our Anti-Bullying Assemblies are extremely unique & effective.

We use the unicycle as a tool to keep the children’s attention.

We use FUN and creative methods to get our point across;

  • Don’t Be A Bully, Its Just Not Cool
  • Its Ok To Be Different
  • Think Twice & Be Nice

Don’t be a BULLY it’s just Not Cool

What was once thought of a impossible Is easier than you think. With the proper instruction and technique anyone can learn within 3-5 hours. That is vastly different than the typical 15-25 hour learning curve it would take to learn own your own.

With our exclusive Uni-Trainer, everyone from ages 4yrs and above can enjoy the opportunity and benefits of riding a unicycle.

Learn more about THE EASIEST WAY To Learn How to Uniycle!

Learn to ride a unicycle easily

Kids as young as four years old love our Uni-Trainer!
Learn more about THE EASIEST WAY To Learn How to Uniycle!
Unicycle FitnessHave your birthday party or celebrate any other special occasion or just have Fun in a different way, while understanding that a strong core is vital to achieving a successful lifestyle, we have the answer.

  • Block parties
  • Birthdays
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvas
  • Schools Assemblies
  • Temple Youth Groups
  • Churches
  • Camp Programs
  • Special Needs
  • and much more!

Unicycling can be enjoyed in many ways. From casual rides, off road unicycling (Muni, mountain unicycling) to unicycling for fitness. All are fun, safe and extremely rewarding.

Customized Programs: Families and Organizations

Just One Wheel Inc. will customize a program to fit your needs and get you riding and having FUN on ONE! Contact us to hear what we can do for you.

Special Needs

Special needs, needs special programs. Our program has proven to be just that; “SPECIAL”. We currently run a successful special needs night every Wednesday and also host the most amazing Special Needs Birthday parties. Just One Wheel Inc. has trained children with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, Down ’s syndrome and CP, just to mention a few.

A new tool in fighting obesity

While childhood as well as adult obesity and disease has risen in a way that seems to be out of control , it’s time to embrace a fun, creative and extremely successful way to fight it. As we’ve all learned, exercise is critical to fight these issues, it can’t be done unless the activity is fun, safe and geared towards the body as well as the mind.

Our friends at the NY Unicycle Club