A wheely good time

By Erin Donohue   Fri, Jan 27, 2012


Park Avenue hosts unicycle program.

A wheely  good time

Park Avenue School PTA hosted a visit from the uncyclists at Just One Wheel, as part of the diversity program it has been promoting this year.

Sixth-grade student Zoe Constantino, above, a unicycle student, showed off her skill on just one wheel. Her mom even got in on the act and tried out one of the custom cycles the program has.

Just One Wheel is a family owned-and-operated business. Owners/directors Adam and Renie Cohen have developed a unicycle curriculum geared to the special-needs community, teaching students body awareness and helping them build their confidence to overcome a challenge they never thought possible.

Part of the program at Park Avenue featured Robin – a unicycle student with cerebral palsy who is also deaf – talking to the students about how, though she is different, she is still the same on the inside as the rest of the kids.

The Park Avenue kids gave the assembly a “thumbs up (above).” For more on the unicycle program go to www.justonewheel.com.