Great Neck Public Schools

Adam and Renie,

I am writing this letter to say thanks, but there is so much more to it! I am so pleased that we, the Great Neck School District, and you, at Just One Wheel, have forged a partnership and relationship. It has added a new dimension to our Special Education Outdoor […]

NYUC Rolls On Just One Wheel

A bunch of  New York Unicycle Club members spent their Presidents day holiday visiting the Just One Wheel’s balance facility.

The recently opened facility run by Adam and Renie Cohen, is designed not just for unicycling but, is devoted to the sport of balance. We were all delighted to ride around and try the different balance […]

FAIR and Just One Wheel Present: Special Needs Family Fun

Bringing unicycle rides to the entire family!
 Children who have special needs and their siblings will:

Do something which they never thought possible – Ride a Unicycle!!
Socialize with peers;
Engage in activities that enhance coordination and build confidence.



Parents will:

Meet and get to know other parents who have children with special needs;
Participate in a fun and interactive workshop that […]

A wheely good time: By Erin Donohue

A wheely good time

By Erin Donohue   Fri, Jan 27, 2012

Park Avenue hosts unicycle program.

Park Avenue School PTA hosted a visit from the uncyclists at Just One Wheel, as part of the diversity program it has been promoting this year.

Sixth-grade student Zoe Constantino, above, a unicycle student, showed off her skill on just one wheel. […]

Special Needs Holiday Spectacular