America’s Got Talent Audition!

” The sky is the limit for Ikey and Ziggy Cohen. The brothers, 4 and 6 years old, respectively, spin around the room on their unicycles.

“We’re only nervous when we are on the ground,” says Ziggy. “Once we are on our unicycles, we’re not scared at all.”

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On The Dr. Oz Show!

A wheely good time: By Erin Donohue

A wheely good time

By Erin Donohue   Fri, Jan 27, 2012

Park Avenue hosts unicycle program.

Park Avenue School PTA hosted a visit from the uncyclists at Just One Wheel, as part of the diversity program it has been promoting this year.

Sixth-grade student Zoe Constantino, above, a unicycle student, showed off her skill on just one wheel. […]


We are super excited about this one!

“Hailey Fener bites her tongue in concentration, then takes a deep breath. She’s perched on a unicycle, that funky vehicle most people think can only be maneuvered by circus or street performers.

The 10-year-old from Plainview is determined to ride.

“I know you can do it!” encourages Renie Cohen, […]

Ziggy On The Wendy Williams Show!

The awesome King Charles Troupe were performing on the featured called Wendy’s Shameless Surprise Stunt and Ziggy was right there in the action!