Joshua Seiden : College Essay – ….Congrats to Josh on his acceptance to Bentley!

I guess I had always been lost. Not in direction, but simply confused about what my future would hold. Everyone wants to be known for something- the actor, the athlete, the intellectual. And, everyone wants to look forward to future dreams and aspirations, but I was unable to do so. However, I was able to find those passionate feelings through someone else. He uncovered all of my talents and then allowed me to teach myself. I finally had found my calling. I finally had found myself.

As though it had happened just seconds ago, I still clearly recall that day when I first saw him: He’s amazing! Looking out into the street, I suddenly see a man approaching my house. He is not driving a fancy car, nor is he driving a broken-down car. In fact, he is not driving a car at all. While I’m not quite sure what this man is sitting upon, one thing is certain: he looks incredibly happy. The mystery man now passes my house, and I can clearly see the device on which he is riding. Just as though he pedaled directly from his act in the circus, this man is riding a unicycle.

Interestingly, I never realized that he had lived on my street until the day that I begged my mother to stop him on one of his rides. And when we inquired about his unicycle, he warmly welcomed the two of us into his home, explaining along the way that he owned a unicycle business, would help me to purchase my own unicycle online and even offered free unicycle lessons. This gesture was the first of many lessons I would learn from him: Be friendly, be hospitable, and give back to others.

After nearly a month of frustration, I was now riding my unicycle for hours around the neighborhood! Oddly enough, I found that not only does riding a unicycle require balance, but that life craves organization and equanimity as well. This seemed to be my second lesson and it came on the day he offered me a job. While such lessons were never written or formally explained, I continually surprised myself by discovering the hidden messages and metaphors that life has to offer. I really never knew that you could have fun and make money at the same time. “Love what you do and do what you love” soon became my personal motto.

We would often practice at the park for hours together, and he would encourage me to practice on my own. Not once did I ever find it easy to learn how to master this ostensibly simple yet complex device, although I also never thought of giving up. In fact, it was so difficult that I became determined to harness its power in order to reach success. I guess that’s yet another thing that I have learned about myself through his example.

In time, I began to pick up on all his keen business skills and life skills. From performing at birthday parties under his direction, I soon created my own entertainment business and began performing at large scale charity events and parties. I can even remember the endless hours that I spent calling local charities, parade coordinators and businesses in hopes of both helping others and building up my company. So, from a feeling of insecurity and lack of direction, I finally understood what I was meant to do. I loved business and the marketing that went behind it. Business allowed me to excel, for I not only possessed the drive and motivation but the proper attitude and support. My guiding figure helped me to find my potential and lead me to success. For I was not only passionate about my future and growth as an individual: more importantly, I was an example to others. That was my final lesson and I presented it to myself: lead through example.

By building my self confidence and allowing me to be unique and inventive, my friend uncovered my ability to be patient, mature and creative. And the most meaningful lesson that I learned from my experiences is that the greatest things in life are often intangible – learning, love, happiness – yet if you follow them, success will follow you.