From Mitchell’s parents.

Adam and Renie, Mitchell is your success story. How a child at age 11 couldn’t balance and ride his new bicycle and is now doing terrific on his unicycle is amazing, let alone he already has his second unicycle.

Mitchell has such pride in himself now and beams that he can balance and ride his unicycle; this has been a terrific boost to his self esteem.

Mitchell loved it recently when we allowed him to take his unicycle on vacation with us to Hilton Head. He rode on the beach and everyone stopped to talk to him. He loved it and ate it up!!

Mitchell could not have done this without you!!!! Your patience and teaching have been nothing short of miraculous.

We wish you success in the teaching of other children. If Mitchell can do it, anyone can!!!

With much gratitude and appreciation!!!

– Ilene and Mark Sudran


Hey Adam, I have a couple of things i want to say:

1) Your encouragement has resulted in my actually sitting atop a uni, and riding it across a parking lot! As simple and limited as this may sound, this “uni experience” has tremendously enhanced my slowspeed skills on a mountain bike…the mainstay of my “wheeled interests”.

2) My confidence level has been increased…a huge milestone for a middleaged person with really bad knees.

3) This enhancement has inspired me to continue the uni experience and take it as far as possible, with your guidance and instructions.

4) I’m totally convinced that YOU have developed a formula for a unicycle experience that spans all ages and abilities…a major accomplishment in the world of sports and fitness !! I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

– Core, CLIMB


From Dad (Mark Laykind) for son (Mikey Laykind)

One Sunday afternoon last spring I was at the park with my 9 yr old son Mikey practicing Baseball as we often do. Baseball is his passion and favorite sport. Mikey saw some action in the park, which was Adam giving a unicycle lession to a few kids. Mikey said to me he wanted to check it out, so we left the ball field and went over and met up with Adam. The rest is history. My kid fell in love with the sport of unicycling.

He began that day on the Unicoaster which gave him immeadiate confidence that he could ride. He then followed up with a few lessons and practices with Adam, and before you knew it he was riding. Adam took him through the process gradually and has now gotten Mikey to the point of riding hills, trails and doing tricks. He’s even now riding different specialty unicycles from 12 inches to 6 feet off the ground!

It has been really great to see my son, who loves sports, branch out and take on the challange and fun of unicycle riding. Adam puts together great groups of kids and teens who help each other, support each other and ride together while having fun and exercising. Adam has a tremendous gift of teaching how to ride. I’ve seen EVERY person who has put in the effort to learn to ride come away riding. I assure you, Adam, of Just one Wheel, with his expertise and constant encouragement can get any kid, teen and even us adults riding in no time. I strongly recommend giving this sport a try.

M. Laykind