Finally, an exciting and unique balance sport which is not only fun & healthy, but also safe.

Just One Wheel Inc., using our revolutionary UNICYCLE TRAINING DEVICE will help you enhance your program by offering a unique activity others do not.

If a camper/student can walk, then they can ride.

We will help anyone over the age of 5yrs old learn to ride a unicycle. People will be amazed! 
The secret is, no one ever knew they could do it.
By utilizing our Uni-Trainer along with our special training techniques, we have reduced the learning curve down to 3-6 hours in most cases.  Without using the Uni-Trainer, the typical learning curve is between 10-20 hours with a large drop off ratio.

This has mainly been the reason for such a small unicycle population. Training riders quickly enables you to be able to organize group sports & activities including unicycle hockey, basketball, mountain unicycling (Muni), obstacle courses, races and so much more.


One of the many great benefits of unicycling is that it helps fight obesity while building great balance for use in everyday activities and other sports.

Finally, the real benefit to offering this unique sport program is that when a camper/student leaves the program they can take this newly acquired skill and continue at home with mom, dad and the rest of the family for life.

Contact us today  to see how we can develop a program or workshop for your school or camp.