We’ve invented a device that allows a person to become familiar with riding a unicycle without them having to balance on their own.

Uni-Trainer: The FASTEST Way To Learn To Unicycle!

We developed the Uni-Trainer (Patent Pending) to be able to act in the same way a bicycle does when it uses training wheels, but in the case of a unicycle, that effect needed to be 360 degrees.

Learning to ride a unicycle is simple.  It’s not much different that learning to walk, or transitioning from a tricycle (3 wheels) to a bicycle (2 wheels).

Muscle memory is the key. It was necessary for learning the most basic things in life, walking, riding a bike or just tying your shoes. The Uni-Trainer will allow the rider to become familiar with the appropriate posture, foot placement, and overall feel of what is necessary to begin learning to ride a unicycle.

Once the rider gets more comfortable with the Uni-Trainer in the fixed position, they would then use it in the training position, which will allow all four outside wheels to be 1″ off the ground. This position will give the rider the opportunity to ride a real unicycle without the chance of an unplanned dismount (UPD)

The Uni-Trainer reduces the learning curve from 10-15 hours down to 3-5 hours, with the two most important lessons being learned in the first few minutes…

Unicycling is fun, and you are going to be able to do it!