While the unicycle has been around for more than 100 years, it has been improperly portrayed as a circus or street performance act, thus leaving the general population to believe that it is impossible and unsafe for the average person to do. That perception is absolutely inaccurate. At Just One Wheel Inc. we get 99.9% of the people with the desire to ride, riding in 1-3 hours, with our youngest rider being just 2 1/2 years young.

In Japan where unicycling is a mandatory part of every elementary and middle school childs PE curriculum, there are now more than a million and a half unicyclists. Japans Chancelor understood the value of unicycling (building better balance) as an intrical part of life and decided it would be an injustice to not offer it to the population. Just one success story of many. A huge benefit of unicycling is the size. Not only are they more compact to fit in may more places than a bicycle would, they don’t require all the extra components such as chaines, gears, breaks handle bars and more. Much less expensive to maintain and obtain.