Just One Wheel Inc is family owned and operated since 2008. Adam and Renie Cohen as well as their children Ziggy 15 and Ikey 14 once the worlds youngest unicyclists at 2 1/2 makes sure everyone has FUN on ONE!

After realizing why there are so few unicyclists in the world while most people have this secret desire to ride, Adam figured out, it was the lack of training wheels. If there were no such device as training wheels for bicycles there would 75% less bicyclists in the world today.

Adam went to work and developed the Uni-Trainer. The Uni-Trainer, a unique but simple product works in the exact same way as bicycle training wheels do. With the invention of the Uni-Trainer and over the past 14yrs the Cohens started successfully training new riders as well as using them for pure FUN!

Learning to Unicycle on the Unitrainer

We’ve taken the trainers all over the tri-state area to day camps, sleep away camps, schools, special needs facilities, Bar-Mitzvahs, Communions, birthday parties and so much more with HUGE success! The Uni-Trainers have also been featured on the Dr Oz show as well as The Real Husbands of Hollywood. After 14yrs of usage, we’ve learned that most people of all ages have a desire to feel what it’s like to ride a unicycle.

The Uni-Trainer makes these dreams possible. Unicycles are a very effective way to exercise and build balance. For example, after moving from a tricycle to a bicycle, you would never go back to a tricycle again. The same goes with a bicyclist moving to a unicycle. The more wheels you remove the more fun! With balance being so important in our life, the unicycle is by far the best, most effective and fun way to develop better balance. Using the Uni-Trainer, we have developed riders from ages 2 1/2 to 76 years old. With the pandemic, the world has changed and the use of bicycles have grown by 50%.

People are constantly looking for new ways to exercise and have FUN while getting to work the store or just a friends house.

Watch how easy it is to get on a unicycle for the first time!


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